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Successful business is not possible without a systematic way of managing. Each project is unique, and consequently, so are our consulting services. The emphasis on building functioning, at a very early stage of project development, gives you a choice of flexible solutions that result in optimal conditions of maintenance. Our team of experts has developed modern strategy that rests on consultancy basis of uniqueness, sustainability, security and transparency. From the very beginning, we have laid the foundation for the efficient operation of your property, which resulted in a very high degree of tenants' satisfaction.

First Facility offers Green Building certification, so your property would meet the highest quality standards. We are able to provide you with the support, knowledge and clear information about how your decisions can affect the certification process.

Together we can find the optimal balance of energy. Certificates on the energy efficiency are required by the law, while adopted solutions increase the value of the property. We know that quality is the basis of a long-term customers’ satisfaction.

We offer audit services, designing and implementing optimized processes, including management and operational concepts, preparation of tender management, garage space and much more...

We create the basis for the efficient functioning of your property!

Keep in mind that a competent manager is a prerequisite for success, but a whole team of experts is even better. Reaching and fulfilling the plan is the foundation of your project, as well as the target quality of our services - therefore the success is mutual.